Our Vision 我們的異象

Our Vision 我們的異象.
Christ Is The Lord 基督是主
… Dear friends, do not be surprised, as if it was something strange, if our faith is tested as by fire: Nor to complain.
… But be glad that we are given a part in the pains of Christ; so that at the revelation of his glory we may have great joy.
… For this reason let those who by the purpose of God undergo punishment, keep on in well-doing and put their souls into the safe hands of their Maker.
… But the end of all things is near: so be serious in our behaviour and keep on the watch with prayer;
… Because for long enough, in times past, we have been living after the way of the Gentiles, given up to the desires of the flesh, to drinking and feasting and loose behaviour and unclean worship of images;
… And they are wondering that we no longer go with them in this violent wasting of life, and are saying evil things of us:
… But they will have to give an account of themselves to him who is ready to be the judge of the living and the dead. Eternal Fire In Hell.
… So that as Jesus was put to death in the flesh, do us ourselves be of the same mind; for the death of the flesh puts an end to sin;
… So that we may give the rest of our lives in the flesh, not to the desires of men, but to the purpose of God. 1 Peter

. . . 親愛的朋友們 、 有火煉的災難與試驗臨到我們 、不要以為奇怪 、人生的不幸十之八九、也不 要 發怨言 , 倒要歡喜 . 因為我們是與基督一同受苦 、 使我們在 他榮耀顯現的時候 、 也可以歡喜快樂 。
. . . 所以那照 神旨意受苦的人 、 要一心為善、 將自己靈魂交與那信實的造化之主 。
. . . 萬物的結局近了 . 所以我們要謹慎自守 、 儆醒禱告 。
. . . 因為往日隨從 外人的心意 、行邪淫、 惡慾、 醉酒、 荒宴、 群飲、並可惡拜偶像的事 、時 候 已經夠了 .
. . . 他們在這些事上、見我們不與他們同奔那放蕩無度的路 、就以為怪、毀謗我們 .
. . . 他們必在那將要審判活人死人的主面前交賬 。永恆之火地獄。
. . . 基督既在肉身受苦、我們也當將這樣的心志作為兵器 . 因為在肉身受過苦的、 就已經與罪 斷絕了 .
. . . 我們存這樣的心 、從今以後、 就可以不從人的情慾 、 只從 神的旨意、 在世度餘下的光陰 。彼 得 前 書


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